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Three reason we were always going to go over the Fiscal Cliff.

First watch this video. It is from the 2012 Republican Primary Debate in Iowa. Look at that standing O at the end when they all raised their hands. That is the Republican Primary voters that a Republican congressional candidate fears. … Continue reading

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Tax Ammunition to Pay for a National Mental Health Program

I have been thinking about this a lot over the past few days but I am not going to try and parse things too much. I am probably barely going to edit this. I am just going to blow through … Continue reading

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Romney’s March to 47 Percent

As more and more states move voting to the mail with less in person voting on election day it takes longer to count all of the votes. Washington state for example only votes by mail. There is no in person … Continue reading

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How The Affordable Care act or Obamacare will create jobs

Healthcare stocks

Graph of four major Health insurance companies

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More reasons a viable third party is needed in US

This election just offers up more proof of why a viable third party is needed in the US. Just by looking at the exit polling data it is very clear. ABC Exit Polling Another result further underscores general public discontent … Continue reading

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Party Realignment in the United States

I have always been a big fan of the Theory of Political Party Realignment. The American political system is set up to keep change from happening too quickly. The whole check and balance system is set up so that no … Continue reading

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Why am I making another post about Christine O’Donnell

My first response would be, “I don’t know,” but I have actually come up with a reason. I was just watching the video of her exchange with Coons at Law School debate broadcast on the AM station WDEL 1150.  David … Continue reading

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No, you are not me or us.

  No, Ms. O’donnell you are not me. You are not even representative of your age group and gender. According to the just released National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior as seen here According to the graph right here … Continue reading

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