More reasons a viable third party is needed in US

This election just offers up more proof of why a viable third party is needed in the US.

Just by looking at the exit polling data it is very clear.

ABC Exit Polling

Another result further underscores general public discontent and sounds a cautionary note for the Republicans in the midst of their victory. Just 43 percent of voters expressed a favorable opinion of the in-power Democratic Party, vs. 52 percent who saw it negatively. But on the Republican Party, it was essentially the same — 41 percent favorable, 53 percent unfavorable.

CNN Exit poll data

Link to Full Exit Poll Data

So as you can see from the exit polling data the voters do not approve of the Democrats but they don’t approve of the Republicans either. So in this tsunami of a historic election where the Republicans won in numbers that haven’t been since around 1930, when it was the Democrats who crushed the Republicans, the voters really don’t care for the Republicans either. The Republicans just aren’t the Democrats and that is just fine with the average voter right now.

If there was a viable third party in this country then people would have someone to vote for besides just the other guy that they hate just as much as the third guy.

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1 Response to More reasons a viable third party is needed in US

  1. Rebecca says:

    I agree! And with the mess that is going on right now with the governor election in our state, ugh.

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