I like the word musings


So what is this blog about?

Cars? Sure sometimes

Politics? Anyone from Finalgear would know that I will get into that sometimes.

Food? Sure I like talking about food and recipes I come up with.

In short I guess it is about whatever I want it to be which is good. It is my blog, my thoughts my musings I can say what I want.

My wife has been bugging encouraging me to write a blog for months now. “You are smart,” she says, “and you write so much already why not put it all in one place instead of having it all the web?”

“Because where I write I at least know people will read it and I get feedback be it positive or negative. If I put it at my own particular part of the web I don’t think anyone will really read it.”

Well lets see if anyone reads it over here away from my usual audience.  I finally got enough encouragement to try this out. From my wife talking about it all the time to certain posters at finalgear.

Comments like, “The voice of knowing stuff,” and “It’s like an information bitch-slap,” prodded me along.

That being said some standard disclaimers that I have seen other people post. I sell cars so I will put up pics and short little reviews of cars I get in sometime. Maybe I will even do videos if I get around to it. My posts are my own and unrelated to my employer. I don’t think politics and business mix well so I will do my best to separate them.

I hinted that I was going to do this first when talking about Party realignment in the American Political system. I am going to get to that but I need to do some more research first. I do love my research all neatly organized out ahead of time so I can just plow into it later on. It is about the only thing besides my tools that I ever organize.

We do have some new cars in at work so I will put up pics of those eventually. There are 2010 Saab 9-5s in and 2011 Volvo S60s too. Plus there are some interesting used cars in like a BMW 550i with a six speed manual. There are always cool cars floating around somewhere. Though the cars I find cool as someone in ‘the business’ are probably a little different then the cars the average person finds cool.

There you have it first blog post just a general introductory little blurb. I tend to be wordy when I really get going on a subject I have done a ton of research on so you have a fair warning for the future.

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